About us

Ladaat – Choose Well, the organization for the promotion of sexual health, provides pregnancy and birth control counseling as well as sexual health education. The organization was established in 1976 under the name SHILO - Jerusalem's Family Planning Education and Counseling Center, the first service of its kind in Israel that integrated educational activities in the community, individual and couple counseling as well as medical services, under one roof.


Our services are offered by a multi-disciplinary staff comprised of social workers, gynecologists, guidance counselors and health educators. The small staff is supplemented by a devoted team of volunteers.

Ladaat's services are offered to the community– regardless of gender, age, family status, place of residence, religion or nationality – and serves as a model for youth counseling services and educational programs throughout Israel.


Our mission

Ladaat – Choose Well believes that sexual health directly impacts human rights and specifically the health rights. We strive towards a society where sexuality is viewed as inherently human, where healthy sexual development is crucial to personal and social existence.

 Our vision is to establish a society that respects every person's choice without discrimination, prejudice or stigma.

 Ladaat-Choose Well strives to realize a society in which every person – of any age – has full access to information and services that promote sexual health and family planning. The organization provides accessible and comprehensive services in the field of sexuality and family planning through counseling, support and education.


Organizational Goals

  • The creation of a social discourse and a political approach to the issues of sexual health,including those factors that shape society's views relating to sexuality, masculinity, femininity and gender roles.
  • To provide services that promote sexual health, respecting free choice, confidentiality and clients' privacy.
  • To expand knowledge while empowering young people in order to assist them in making conscious choices towards responsible and healthy sexual behavior
  • To raise awareness and make birth control information accessible.
  • To lower the number of unplanned pregnancies.
  • To assist women, girls and couples dealing with unplanned pregnancies, offering emotional support and guidance.
  • To lower the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases in the general public.

Organization's Principles

These are the core values that guide the organization's work:

Openness, discretion, respect, free choice, integrity, professionalism, accessibility, innovation, acceptance


Board Members

Dr. Shlomit Sholov Barkan – Chairwoman

Anna Michel

Nir Sharon

Dianna Ginzburg

Michal Barkai-Hadani

Revital Shimoron

Edna Etgar

Gusti Yehoshua-Braverman 



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Organizational Background

Ladaat - Choose Well (formerly SHILO), established as a non-profit organization in 1976 by a group of family doctors, social workers, and nurses, aims to encourage responsible sexual behavior, thereby reducing the risk of unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, and to provide assistance to women and couples facing unplanned pregnancy, including legal abortion. Ladaat’s unique service integrates outreach and educational activities with individual counseling and a low-cost contraceptive clinic—with an emphasis on access and confidentiality—all under one roof. 

Over the years, we have expanded and adapted our programs to meet the changing needs of the community and to reach out to the most vulnerable segments of the population; marginal youth, women from socially and economically disadvantaged neighborhoods, immigrant women and girls from the former Soviet Union and Ethiopia and Arab adolescents and young women.

Ladaat serves as a training center for students and professionals. Professional training programs in family planning and sexual health education are conducted with social workers, educational counselors, and public health providers. Ladaat is also a Field Placement Center for students from the Hebrew University's School of social work.


Ladaat (Formerly Shilo) was formally registered as a non-profit organization in 1983.


The founding members included:

Gidi Levi, Marom Rachmani,Ami Samin, Michal Cohen, Elizabeth Rothchild, Rami Erez, Revina Patagy, Tasa Bimer, Chanoch Yerushalmi, Ora Shintsky, Dr. Gumpel Bert, Karni Aharon and Dalia Davidoff.


In 1995 Ladaat – Choose Well (Formerly Shilo) received the Badge of the Cityprize from the Jerusalem Mayor for the organization's contribution to residents' welfare. The prize committee commented that "We were greatly impressed with the work done by the volunteers of this organization, its caring and devotion and contribution to the welfare and quality of life of the residents of Jerusalem."